Cloud Based Phone System Ireland

What is a Cloud Based Phone System?

Have you ever wondered what a Cloud Phone System is?  A cloud based phone system is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system that uses the cloud to make and receive calls.  It allows you to make calls over the internet. Cloud computing is an on-demand service and involves the customer, using a third-party’s server and equipment.  A cloud phone system is very like a traditional phone system but has many more advantages. It is particularly suitable for a small or medium business. 

What is needed for a Cloud based phone system?

A Cloud business phone system does not need a lot of equipment or sophisticated infrastructure. To be connected to a Cloud Phone system you only need an IP Phone or a computer. 

Apart from a reliable internet connection this business phone system requires that they have some hardware and software.  Usually the hardware is an IP Phone or a PC. These enable access to the Cloud and allow calls to take place.  There is no need for expensive equipment such as a server. With your devices, you can call or be contacted by customers over the internet.  

Unlike a traditional business phone system, you can call customers from anywhere. Devices can be configured to enable calls to be made outside of the office. 

A service-provider will install software that enables calls to be made and received via the Cloud. They host the software and the infrastructure that is needed for a cloud phone system.  All you need to do is to pay them a monthly subscription and leave the rest to them. 

What does that mean for you?

If you use a Cloud Phone System there is no need for landlines and a PBX exchange. There is no need to have your IT department to work on it as this will be taken care of by the service provider. They are responsible for maintenance and not you! 

Cost Effective

It is generally accepted that there is no need for a big investment with a Cloud Phone System.  Studies have shown that it can be much more economical than a traditional phone system. 


If you need to scale up your business all you need to do is contact your service provider. There is also a great deal of flexibility about phone numbers and you can even acquire international numbers for your business so that you can have a presence in foreign markets. 

Better Customer Service

Cloud phone systems typically offer a range of advanced features that allow you to provide a better customer service.  Features such as auto-attendants and call conferencing can help you to provide what the customer wants. Automatic call rating allows customers to give feedback on their call experience and this can lead to improvements in customer service. 


Because the phone system operates via the Cloud it is possible to. It is also possible to integrate a Cloud phone system with platforms such as Salesforce and MailChimp. Not only does this allow you to better manage your relationship with your customer, it will also allow a company to develop effective marketing strategies.

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